Since 2018 C. Hoadley Millinery has produced stunning ranges of beautiful bespoke hats and headpieces for all occasions. The founder, Chenene has been studying design since 2010. Born in 1983, London, raised in rural North Scotland. Chenene has rapidly become a sought-after milliner, swiftly in demand internationally with her loyal global client base keeping her busy all year round. Her designs can be spotted at Horse Racing events such as Royal Ascot (UK). Hoadley also holds workshops in the Bahamas and Sussex. She has her studios located in Holland Park, London and Nassau, The Bahamas where she partly lives. Her main studio in Holland Park is where her creations are designed and handmade. Hoadley is clearly inspired by her environment, and this can be seen throughout her work, as she delivers such unique, intricate designs, pouring countless hours into the attention to detail where each design honours her time.

Chenene is an extremely passionate milliner, whose creations dissolve the boundaries between the traditional elements of millinery with a modern flare of unconventional and experimental materials.

After realising her talents for the creative arts as a young child, she completed 7 years of education at Chelsea School of Art (University of the Arts London) and Oxford School of Architecture, Oxford Brookes. Spending years in the workshop mastering her craftsmanship, it led to an impressive skill set. Focusing on the link between fashion and architecture, she landed in Central Saint Martin’s fashion school in London with her experiments, which lead to millinery. She has studied under Ian Bennett, Jane Taylor and studied Millinery at Chelsea & Kensington College, London.

Today, Chenene brings all her training together to create spectacular designs. She has always been known as a very imaginative designer and she continues this process throughout her work ethics. She relies on her watercolours to sketch her vision alongside her imaginative stories, because she believes each hat carries a story, just like her late Father’s hat collection does, which she inherited. Dusty old hat boxes, jazz in the background and old black and white photographs of her late Father wearing the most stylish hats as he led thoroughbred horses at the races. These memories are so dear to her. They are her stories, and she aspires to create new stories for her clients.